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Matte Nickel, 52" Nickel Baldes

Modern Fan Pharos Matte Nickel, 52

Gloss White, 52" White Blades

Modern Fan Pharos Gloss White, 52


Pharos blades are constructed of plywood and are available in a 52" blade span in each of the finishes/colors shown here.


Modern Fan Pharos White blade


Modern Fan Pharos Nickel blade


Modern Fan Pharos Maple blade

Pharos Lighting

The Pharos includes an integrated 20 watt LED light engine (90 CRI, 3000K, 1340 lumens) behind an opal glass diffuser.

Modern Fan Pharos Light LED



The Pharos fan uses our AC motor control solutions for operation of a fan & light (with two-wire and three-wire options).

Fan & Light - 3 Wire

Requires two circuits (three wires). Provides four fan speeds and dimming function for light.


Handheld Remote

Uses only one circuit (two wires). Provides three speeds and choice of on/off or dimming light function. Includes handset, wall mounted holder and RF receiver.


Fan & Light - 2 Wire

Uses only one circuit (two wires). Provides three speeds and choice of on/off or dimming light function. Includes wall switch, switch plate and RF receiver.


Wall/Remote Combo

A combination control package. Includes the the #003 Handset, #004 Wall Switch, a RF receiver, handset holder and switch plate.


The Pharos ships with two down rods (8" and 15") as reflected in the drawings below. Optional down rods are also available for longer hanging lengths (see accessories).

Pharos >> 52" Span


The data below represents high speed performance (excluding energy use for lighting components) based on the most current U.S. DOE mandated test method for ceiling fans.  The Energy Guide label for this model can be found by clicking the Downloads tab in the fan details navigation bar above.

52" blade span at high speed



Cubic Feet Per Minute

Electricity Use


(excludes lights)

Airflow Efficiency


Cubic Feet Per Minute Per Watt

Item Number

To build an item number, make selections from the menu for each fan attribute.
Once item number is complete, here is How to Buy.

  • Finish
  • GWGloss White
  • MNMatte Nickel
  • Blade Diameter
  • 5252" Span
  • Blade Color
  • WHWhite
  • NKNickel
  • MPMaple
  • Light Option
  • Control
  • 002 Fan & Light - 3 Wire
  • 003 Handheld Remote
  • 004 Fan & Light - 2 Wire
  • 005 Wall/Remote Combo


Down Rod

The Pharos ships standard with an 8" down rod. Select from the options here to build an item number for an optional down rod.

  • Finish
  • GW Gloss White
  • MN Matte Nickel
  • Length
  • 12 12"
  • 24 24"
  • 36 36"
  • 48 48"
  • 60 60"
  • 72 72"


A down rod coupler is available and can be used to combine multiple down rods together to achieve lengths longer than 72".

  • Finish
  • GW Gloss White
  • MN Matte Nickel

45 Degree Slope Adapter

The Pharos accommodates ceiling slopes up to 33 degrees. For slopes exceeding 33 degrees and up to 45 degrees, the #045 adapter can be used.

  • Finish
  • GW Gloss White
  • MN Matte Nickel